As you already know, a lot of entertaining goes on at Chestnut Cottage. We often entertain in our gathering room, which opens off the kitchen.

When we have large crowds at Chestnut Cottage, I often move the coffee table into the master bedroom and put a skirted table for eight in its place.

That yields a table for eight in the kitchen, a table for eight in the gathering room, and eight more in the master bedroom. I love the peacefulness of our bedroom and the fact that I can see into the gathering room.

We love having overnight guests at Chestnut Cottage and have two guestrooms for our special guests.

More shades of blue!

Our powder room certainly has no shortage of blue and white!

Of course my husband Wells wanted equal time for his little wine cellar downstairs!

Hope you have enjoyed a little visit to Chestnut Cottage. Thanks again to the Victoria magazine for the lovely feature in your October issue!

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I am very please to share that Victoria magazine has featured Chestnut Cottage in their October issue!

Victoria has long been a favorite publication of mine due to their features on travel, food, entertaining, and particularly English design!

I hope you will pick up a copy of the October Victoria, curl up in a comfy chair with a cup of tea and savor all this issue has to offer…including Chestnut Cottage!

Most people seem to enter Chestnut Cottage at the back door which opens directly into our spacious kitchen… where I spend a great deal of time.

All entertaining begins here!

I have recently added more “shades of blue and white” in the kitchen with a tree mural on the painted white tongue and groove paneling.

Shades of blue continue to be woven throughout the canvas of Chestnut Cottage.

Every piece of blue and white in this niche gets used regularly!

For the library, I commissioned an Asheville Artist, Bee Sieburg, for this painting depicting Portaferry, County Down, Northern Ireland, which is very close to my grandfather’s family home.

Bee also painted a typical County Down scene for our gathering room.

My favorite room at Chestnut Cottage is the library where blue and white is in every design element!

I’m not the only one who loves this room!

Stay tuned for other rooms featured in Victoria!



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In The Garden

Spring is my favorite time in the garden at Chestnut Cottage.  It is a very busy time and 2018 was no exception!  There is so much to do in the spring garden after the lovely tulips and daffodils have had their show!  There are over thirty window boxes and planters to fill…but not before Mother’s Day.  My grandmother was insistent that no annuals go out before Mother’s Day, for fear of a late frost.  I abide by that little rule and this year, I must admit that I did them the Friday of Mother’s Day weekend!

The English roses were lovely this spring…especially these David Austin Graham Thomas!

But the real star of the Chestnut Cottage garden in spring are my peonies…all 32 plants of them!


I’ve started a collection of peonies and I was inspired to do so by a new book by English author Jane Eastoe.

This book was a nice addition to the library at Chestnut Cottage.  She also has another book I added, Vintage Roses.



The garden at Chestnut Cottage has suffered this season from TOO MUCH RAIN! But a gardener must persevere and hope for a more balanced garden season next year!

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Entertaining Tales From Chestnut Cottage

Oh wow…2018 is flying by!  I have missed checking in on the blog, but my design practice has kept me extremely busy so far in 2018!  But perhaps we could take a stroll back to late winter and early spring for some entertaining tales from Chestnut Cottage.

As you already know, St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays…as it should be since my grandfather is from County Down, Northern Ireland!

This year, we had a lovely little group at Chestnut Cottage to celebrate this important holiday.

Flowers are always an important part of any party at Chestnut Cottage…and this holiday it was “shades of green”!

As you might expect , this was a “collected tabletop”, with several of my favorite green patterns…

A combination of Royal Crown Derby’s “Green Derby Panel” and Bernardaud’s  “Constance”, along with some lovely Italian green stemware and of course my Lismore pattern by Waterford.

And before I could turn around, it was time for our annual Easter celebration lunch at Chestnut Cottage.

We had lots of guests this year, so we had THREE collected tables!

I hope your spring entertaining was enjoyable and successful.  But now we must move on to Spring in the Garden!


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We all know that Christmas brings us so many miracles.  And one miracle is that I am doing a holiday blog, after being absent from The Collected Room for so many months!  So many of you have emailed me to see if anything is wrong and I am humbled and happy to report that all is well!  I had my total knee replacement in late summer and have had a wonderful outcome.  We have had a very busy year at Kathryn Greeley Designs and I have traveled frequently to several out of town projects.  One particularly wonderful project is in northern Michigan for a special blog reader, Emily Phillips and her husband Terry.  I have thought so  often of doing a blog post, but never seem to fit that in a very busy schedule.

Thanksgiving was busy, with my normal 26-28 to feed!  This year was no exception, and was fun, but tiring!


Now for the seven live trees to put up and decorate…!

And mantels to do…


And the annual Christmas card to paint and get in the mail…!

Last weekend, we had a few friends over for a cozy Soup and Cornbread party.


My menus for the soup and cornbread dinner was comfort food!

Most of these recipes you can find on the blog if you use the search bar!

And gifts to buy and wrap…!    

Often, in the hustle and bustle of the season, we lose sight of the meaning of the gifts we give and receive.  A few days ago, my friend Mickie Norman gave me one of the most meaningful gifts I have ever received.  When my Mother passed away, I gave this friend several of my Mother’s jackets, as they both wore petites.


My friend had her aunt Patsy Hoglen, who has suffered greatly in the past few months from melanoma surgeries, make one of Mother’s jackets into a bear for my Christmas gift.  This bear is incredible…

As you can imagine, I have cried many tears over this gift that means so very much to me.  This thoughtfulness is a lesson in gift giving for everyone!


As this busy season comes to a close, I wish you and each of your families a safe, peaceful, and joyous Christmas.  And I hope the new year brings you joy and abundance and good health.  And hopefully some blog posts from The Collected Room!!

north carolina interior designer kathryn crisp greeley wishes you a merry Christmas from chestnut cottage

On the Road with Kathryn to high point north carolina furniture market

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