Collections on Display: Making Bookcases Look Their Best


Displaying collections is one of my top design priorities, and being a great lover of books; Chestnut Cottage is overflowing with them! Whether styling a lovely furniture piece or a built-in bookcase,  I’ve found these tips to be especially useful.

1. Always start by emptying the bookcase or cabinet that you wish to style. Starting with a clean palette allows one to edit, as well as create balance and harmony.

2. I love painting or papering the backs of bookcases with a contrasting color to give a real pop!


3. I prefer to sort books first by subject and then by size. Start the overall design with books, lining some vertically and some horizontally.


4. Intersperse books with interesting collected objects, such as boxes, ceramics, framed family photos, or original works of art. I also love adding a small original painting to a well-lighted bookcase to add interest and express the owner’s particular passions. It can also be beautiful to hang original artwork on the verticals of a bookcases.


5. Using a collection or grouping of one color unifies the bookcase design and gives a very sophisticated feel.

I often help my clients arrange bookcases and would love to help you with yours! They are truly one of the most evolving and reflective pieces in the home.

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[Images: LauraCaseyInteriors via Pinterest;;;; ; Martha; DecorPad]


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  1. Franki Parde says:

    Every one of the photos is just beautiful. Great ideas! franki

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