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In my design work, I am very often ask about my preference for the shape of dining tables…round, rectangular, square,oval, etc.  My first preference is round or square because I feel these shapes tend to make for better conversation.  However, first of all one must consider the shape of their dining room or dining area.  A square room lends itself to a round or square table, and a rectangular or oval table works better for rooms or spaces that are rectangular. RULE NUMBER 1…. the size and shape  of your dining room or dining area.  This assures good scale and proportion .  Several years ago, I read a wonderful book, Dining with Churchill, by Cita Stelzer.  It is no secret that I am a big fan of Mr. Churchill and was pleased to read that he insisted on round tables, with all arm chairs.  Churchill often used the dining table for diplomacy and deals and felt that a round table created a sense of equality, no opposing sides, nor corners, and no one below the salt!  In honor of our mutual philosophy on tables, I designed a Churchill Dining Room at the Cathedral Antiques Show in Atlanta a few years ago.  My space was square , so my round table was perfect.  and of course, I used all arm chairs!

Churchill Dining Room


I used these custom round tables for a client’s beach home, as well as their primary residence.  There is definitely wisdom in Mr. Churchill’s ideas for dining!

Anderson Beach house 5



These great outdoor dining tables are used in a clients “outdoor living space” and were featured in The Collected Tabletop.IMG_6975


Depending on the space for a client’s dining area, I often use oval or rectangular shapes.












Both the eating area in my kitchen and in my great room call for an oval table.



IMG_1026Yet I must admit…my favorite shape for dining is a lovely round table…inside or out!

IMG_2833What is the shape of your dining table and what is your preference, if your space wasn’t a consideration?!



Enjoy the colors of High Point!

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  1. Kathryn Greeley says:

    I love hearing from you and I am so happy to hear about your mother. I have had her in my prayers for several weeks and will keep her there.
    What an interesting table and chairs!! And how special they must be to you and your husband! I thought of you last Sunday as you are near the Philippines. My father was a survivor of the Bataan Death March (a POW for 42 months!) and I attended a 75th anniversary ceremony of the Death March at our local VA hospital. I hope to one day visit that area and see exactly where he was in prison camp and the exact location of the Death March. I thought my heart was going to break during the entire ceremony! Take care and have a wonderful Easter. Your chocolate lamb sounds yummy!!
    XOXO Kathy

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