A Love Affair with “Blue & White”



My passion for collecting blue and white started so many years ago, I can hardly remember a time that I wasn’t afflicted with this obsession! Blue and white has graced the walls and tables of my home for over 40 years.

Definitely a “china-holic” and more specifically a “blue and white-aholic”, I will be posting a series on collecting blue and white for your home, particularly for entertaining. So subscribe now, because some lucky subscriber will win Carolyne Roehm’s exquisite book “A Passion for Blue and White”, at the end of my blue and white series.

Get ready to be inspired to start your own collection of blue and white or dust off your existing collection!

The classic colors of sea and sky, in a profusion of tones have inspired collectors for centuries and captured the hearts of so many around the world. From magnificent patterns such as Royal Copenhagen’s elegant Blue Fluted-Full Lace for formal entertaining,

to the more casual Blue Willow pattern….

To Burleigh‘s “Victorian Chintz “…

to Pickard‘s “South Hampton”…

and a multitude of antique flow blue patterns.


Or perhaps your blue and white passion is for a new enamelware collection,  like “Blue Crab” by Golden Rabbit.

There are also a great mix of transitional and contemporary patterns such as the ones pictured below for a fresh, crisp approach to blue and white collecting.

Lenox’s “Tin Can Alley” mixed with Waechtersbach,

Dansk’s “Arabesque”,

or Dansk’s “Arabesque” mixed with Homer Laughun’s “Cobalt Fiesta”.

There’s a blue and white collection for every taste, entertaining style, and budget. With  this wealth of styles and range of prices, blue and white is a great choice for new as well as seasoned collectors!

And so- in my series on blue and white, I will inspire you to collect, mix, and enjoy blue and white. After all, what’s the point of collecting if your treasures stay in the cupboard and never get used?

And by the way, its never too early to start collecting blue and white…

My beautiful, young friend Miss Bailie from Brooklyn with her beginning collection of blue and white.

Stay tuned for more blue and white…….

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5 Responses to A Love Affair with “Blue & White”

  1. Julia Molloy says:

    WOW!!!! I am so impressed! What a fabulous blog on blue and white china. I am seriously thinking about my own china and realize I do need an addition of blue and white. The Victorian Chintz is my personal favorite of those you’ve shown so far. Thanks so much for elucidating me. I’ll have more of the same, please!

    Warm regards,
    Julia Molloy

  2. Debbie says:

    wow that is so beautiful……….i also have a collection of blue and white and have started a little site

  3. Maryell Lapitan says:

    what a fantastic collections!!!!….i love blue and white. I am from the Philippines. I am also collecting blue and white…..

  4. Lucy Jones says:

    Oh my!, THANKYOU for sharing! I too have had a love affair with blue and white dishes since a little girl. I can’t see enough of it!! My mother had this love too. Even though I am a potter, I still can’t get enough of blue and white dishes!!!
    Lucy Jones

  5. Kathryn says:

    Yes Lucy, it is an incurable addiction!

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