Tickled Pink

For those of you who need a break from all the Blue & White, I wanted to share our latest entertaining event from Noland Interiors


Everyone at Noland Interiors is in a real “Tickled Pink” mood. Emily Clark, architect & designer at Noland Interiors is expecting a baby girl in early November, so a baby shower was definitely in order.


 Together with Noland Interior’s client and my great friend, Laura Leatherwood, I hosted a baby shower for Emily in a new outdoor entertaining space we designed for Laura and her husband Ron. Ron, along with Emily’s father-in-law Larry Clark own Clark and Leatherwood Construction in Waynesville, NC. As in any design/construction project, a party-any party serves as the perfect deadline for the contractor! And this party was no exception!!

Just as the finish was drying on the beautiful wormy chestnut fireplace surround, Laura and I were putting flowers and Emily’s dreamed about jogging stroller in place. A perfect fall afternoon in the new outdoor living room, provided a perfect place for big sister Harper and cousin Avery to assist Emily in opening her gifts.

Hosting a baby shower is a perfect way to honor and pamper an expectant mother (and co-worker)…but never and I repeat, never forget a Big Sister! Five year old Harper was certainly pampered with her very own gift table, adorned with her own flowers, and loaded with gifts for the Big Sister.

Being a perfectly trained big sister, Harper shared her treasures with her cousin Avery.

 Nothing sets the tone for a baby shower better than beautiful flowers…

  Think Pink!

And delicious food….

Our very pink petit fours, in Emily’s favorite combination of pink and green, we made by Callie’s Confections in Asheville, NC. Our menu was colorful and light—perfect for a fall afternoon on the porch.


Everyone loved my favorite tea, so I will share my Party Tea recipe:

“Party Tea”

3 quarts medium-strength tea (steep 2 family-sized tea bags in 3 quarts of water)

1/2 cup sugar

1 (12 ounce) can frozen lemonade concentrate

1 quart ginger ale

Combine tea, sugar, and concentrate. Just before serving, stir in ginger ale and pour over crushed ice in glasses. Yield 10 servings

 Nothing is more fun for the expectant mother than precious new baby girl outfits, like this one from our friend and interior design client Ruthie Grantham from Atlanta.

 Or sharing this special time with your daughter Harper and coworker Andria or a special young friend Jessie.


So for a perfect entertaining opportunity, try a baby shower. It is a memorable and special occasion for friends and family to come together in celebration of the imminent arrival of a new life.

A few tips for a perfect baby shower…

  • Choose a theme-maybe just “Think Pink” or perhaps “Decorate the Nursery”,or “A Special Luncheon for Mom”- whatever keeps your guest (or guests) of honor the focus of the celebration.
  • Select a beautiful location. Never limit yourself to inside, consider a garden, an outdoor living room, the beach or a special location such as the mother’s favorite restaurant or even a spa!
  • Unless the shower is a suprise, always consult the mother-to-be to confirm who should be invited. I think smaller more intimate parties allow the mother-to-be to enjoy her special guests.
  • Your invitation is your first opportunity to present your guests with the theme of the shower. There are endless opportunities for invitations, both handmade and lovely invitations from your favorite stationary source.
  • Select foods that are favorites of your guest of honor! Our menu was easy and simple to prepare. Both Emily and Harper love petit fours from Callie’s Confections, so that was a must. I always think of the father-to-be back home patiently waiting for a “take-out” from the shower. Emily’s husband, Louis loves my “Best Ever Cheese Ring” and I promised him there would be no shower without this on the menu!
  • I love favors for any party, however, we decided to spend our “favor budget” for a lovely pearl bracelet for Big Sister Harper. Presenting favors is a perfect way to thank guests and provide them with a wonderful remembrance of the shower. I love small personalized candle, lotion, or bath products from a local shop Hazelwood Soap Company. Diana is always willing to personalize even one item, and is a great source for any type of party favor.

The most important thing to remember is that throwing a shower is supposed to be fun. I am the queen of list making and creating schedules. My friends and family often make fun of my lists, but you will appreciate having done a list and schedule when your shower goes off perfectly! Ours did, with one small exception. As Laura and I were tidying up after the shower, I discovered that I forgot to open the pink champagne!! Must not of had it on my list…glad everyone loved the party tea!

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  1. Julia Molloy says:

    I wish I was there!! Congratulations Emily!!

  2. Great article! I have been trying to drink 3 cups of green tea a day and I feel much better! It’s good to see the reasons why.

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