While at the October 2010 High Point Furniture Market, I had a nice long visit with Jill Fenichell, owner of the Bespoke Porcelain Company.  Jill previously was in the antique business and has extensive knowledge of antique imagery from a huge range of sources.  She shared with me a bespoke set that she had recently completed for a client as an anniversary gift to his wife.

Jill showed me many shapes and techniques that impact the cost of bespoke tableware.  As I stated in my previous blog-the images that Jill can use to customize your tabletop are limited only by the imagination of the client.  The Bespoke Porcelain Company can provide your every tabletop need from a bud vase to a dinner service for a thousand guests!  From antique imagery to a fashion forward informal look, this company can make your tabletop entertaining style completely unique and reflective of your style. 

And, on each bespoke piece of china, they will also customize the backplate on your pieces.

Jill and I will be working a  on a  pattern called  “Chestnut Cottage Garden” that will hopefully be in production in the summer of 2011.  So keep an eye on the blog for progress on this new pattern!

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