In interior design and in fashion we all strive to create our own style. We seek the unique element that says….”this is my style, my own signature look”. In fashion as in our homes, we can “customize” our look. One option for customizing your entertaining style, particularly your tabletop is “bespoke” china.


Webster defines bespoke as:

  • custom made
  • designed for a particular customer
  • dealing in, or producing custom-made articles.

Think of bespoke china as the “couture” of tabletop!

In April, I had the opportunity to meet Andrew Pickard Morgan, fourth generation of family members to lead Pickard China. In Pickard’s New York showroom at 41 Madison Avenue, at the Tabletop Market, I was introduced to Pickard’s Signature Collection. Pickard, an American company that has been producing porcelain china dinnerware since 1893, furnishes the US Department of State with crested dinner services for embassies around the world, service on Air Force One, as well as the Queen of England! Andrew Pickard Morgan believes that china is a blank canvas to be decorated with art and emphasizes his company’s design resources and enthusiasm for working with clients to realize their aesthetic vision.

While in the Pickard showroom, Andrew and I made plans to do a bespoke pattern for Noland Interiors, using our own beautiful crest with a border of black and gold, reflecting our logo colors and brand.

Using Pickard’s Signature Collection, you can customize your dinnerware with a variety of border colors, shapes, and script styles. At Noland Interiors, we enjoy pampering clients and visitors who come to our studio by serving lunch or afternoon tea on Noland Interiors bespoke china designed and manufactured by Pickard China.


With Pickard’s Signature Collection, entertaining creativity is endless! Mix the elegant simplicity of this collection with your own design style- be it traditional or contemporary.

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When Serving lunch at the studio, we often mix our bespoke pattern with an old out of production pattern designed by Mottahedeh .

Another source for bespoke tabletop is The Bespoke Porcelain Company. I always enjoy their colorful showroom at the High Point Market. They too excel in manufacturing fine custom-made dinnerware based on images provided by a client—photos, patterns, etc. only limited by your imagination. Each custom pattern has it’s own distinctive look, combining old ideas in new ways.

The Bespoke Porcelain Company

To customize your own tabletop, do your research first. Get acquainted with a company’s line and make sure their design style complements your own personal style.

Fabric swatches, a clip file of your favorite motifs and styles, Pantone colors and even a description of your entertaining and cooking preferences will help to formulate a detailed design concept for bespoke tabletop. At Noland Interiors, we often assist clients with bespoke patterns. Ask your favorite tabletop shop for their help. Our favorite tabletop shop, Quintessentials in Raleigh, North Carolina can also help you with bespoke tabletop and all of your entertaining needs.

Check out the wonderful resources I have listed above, or even look at some of my favorite British companies such as the Chown China Company or Alexander Jackson.

Get creative and personalize your entertaining style with bespoke tabletop.

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