Congratulations to Jeanne Sevart, one of our blog subscribers from Springfield, Missouri.  When we notified Jeanne that she had won the book giveaway, she wrote a lovely note about her enduring love for blue and white.  I was so touched by her letter, I ask if we could share it with our readers.  Graciously, Jeanne agreed.


 Oh wow!  I can’t believe it!  Thank you very much!

 Ironically, I found your blog by looking for photos of the interior of Carolyne Roehm’s house.  I immediately loved your blog because it is elegant in its design and  professional in its presentation.  I felt like I found a true kindred spirit in reading your blog.

 I am especially excited about  the book because I love blue and white.  When I was about 14 I had my first real awareness of decorating and style and what it meant to have individual taste. The seeds of such awareness had been
planted from my earliest years by my mother and grandmother; however, I hadn’t yet reached a mature attentiveness of having to make my own decisions based on form and function and fashion.

During those days it was very common to have classes such as Sewing I Basic construction and Sewing II Advanced construction, and Interior décor in high school. In these classes I was truly in my element. I loved these classes.
They were in the same wing as the Art department where I also spend many happy  hours.

The classes were small and the teachers friendly and knowledgeable. It was from one of these decorating classes that I found what is the most cherished  objects in my home. Our teacher decided to take us on a field trip to the fanciest department
store in town and educate us about china, crystal and silver. As we were guided
through the maze of expensive shiny things, my eyes noticed the blue and white china on the top of the very long triple rows of china on the back wall. I  couldn’t take my eyes of the beautiful plates, and cup and saucer. I was
mesmerized. The sales lady told me the dishes were called Blue Danube. She asked me if I wanted to hold the plate and I think I trembled with excitement.  She told me a place setting cost $5.99. I was sold. I was hooked. I was in

So, for the next years, for my birthday, or any holiday when asked what I wanted, I ask for a place setting of those dishes. Eventually, I collected 12 place settings and extra pieces, too—the platter, soup bowls, and a tea pot.
Later I found a pattern called Blue Calico. In this pattern the plates are mostly the deep cobalt blue with very little white. It is a gorgeous pattern.

However, this story isn’t really about those dishes. The real story is what choosing those dishes has done for me aesthetically for the last decades. It made me limit what I was drawn too. Conversely, in my home there are not any figurines or knick knacks that are not blue and white in my home. All the rooms in my home flow from one room to another because the jewelry of the rooms
is cohesive and consistent. There is a certain unity from corner to corner connected by color and design.

Since those early days I have discovered blue and white Oriental vases and the blue and white Dutch motif. The blue and white color scheme is that is  very common in Swedish décor is a strong favorite.  I have some beautiful Mexican tiles from Puebla that are
marvelously blue and white. The blue and white design has never grown old because there has always been some new variation to explore.

Because I have spent most of my life moving from place to place, I have always carefully selected each and every piece of blue and white that I own– least you think I have a house full of blue and white clutter from head to toe.
Each piece has a story, a history, a tale to tell, which is why these are the  most cherished objects in my home.

 I tell you this story because  this book is going to a home that will appreciate every page and be lovingly  preserved for decades to come.

 Thank you again!

Jeanne Sevart

Jeanne is an instructor at the English Language Institute at Missouri State University and a graduate of the University of Arkansas and Missouri State University.  Of course Jeanne enjoys collecting blue and white, along with cooking and music.

These are a few of Jeanne’s blue and white treasures.

We hope Jeanne enjoys her book for years to come and appreciate her following “Elegant Entertaining”!

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