Quintessential Holiday Entertaining

 I am always sad to see the holidays end.  However tired, and I am, I will miss the smell of pine, the beautiful Christmas china patterns,  and entertaining family and friends.  So I must share one more post of holiday entertaining.

What could be a more perfect design project for an interior designer who loves to entertain than to design of an exciting new tabletop retail shop!  And this fall, I had just that opportunity.  My young friend and client, Kristen Anderson, just purchased Quintessentials in Raleigh, N.C, and desperately needed a larger space.  And just in time for holiday entertaining, we completed her new shop in North Hills.

The design of the new shop included several antiques for displaying her unlimited number of patterns of china, crystal, flatware, among many lines of both traditional and contemporary pieces for stylish entertaining.

Our first display window was on an 18thcentury drapier table that sparkled with all white china, silver and glassware.

After a customer came in and purchased the entire tabletop, we were given another opportunity for holiday creativity.

From an all white, rather contemporary table, we transitioned to a fun “peppermint world” table.

Another antique table displayed an ivy topiary tree tied in a set of antique ivory handled flatware.  Around the tree were four settings of different holiday china patterns, pared with chargers, crystal, cutlery, and linens.

These four very different holiday patterns included:

Pickard’s Winter Festival                                                                      Felippe Deshoulieres’s Orsay

 Royal Crown Derby Arboretum                                                                 Richard Ginori’s Merry Christmas

So many opportunities to mix both traditional and non-traditional patterns for festive holiday entertaining that speak of your own style.

The definition of the adjective quintessential is –representing the most perfect or typical example.  And this new shop, Quintessentials, represents  the most perfect examples of all the best that the tabletop industry has to offer.  Not to mention a variety of tabletop antiques, such as these lovely thistle design candlesticks.

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3 Responses to Quintessential Holiday Entertaining

  1. Julia Molloy says:

    Congratulations to Kristen. I can’t wait to come visit Quintessentials in person!

  2. Ruthie Grantham says:

    Absolutely loved the peppermint twist table setting. Plan on using it next year.
    You’re the best!

  3. Jeanne Sevart says:

    As much I look forward to getting out all of my pretty ornaments and trimmings, I look forward, just as equally, to putting them all away and thinking about the new year.

    I love that week between Christmas and New Year that quiet hushed lull, a time of reflection and renewal. I worked like mad to clean in this week to start out the new year with a sparkling fresh house.

    Your holiday pictures are so lovely. They are great inspiration! All the best to you in this new year

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