Kathy’s Favorite Christmas China Patterns

As I have stated  before, I am definitely a “chinaholic”, and holiday china patterns are no exception! At Chestnut cottage,

I have though the years, accumulated a mix of four holiday patterns.

My oldest and favorite is Royal Worcester’s “Holly Ribbons”

I love mixing my other two favorites , Spode’s “Christmas Rose” and Royal Doulton’s “Tartan” with the  Holly Ribbons for all kinds of entertaining events.

These patterns mix so well, and  can also be used very elegantly on their own.  I often use my Tartan salad plates for cocktail parties or small teas for a few friends.  At my recent  Twelve Days of Christmas Champagne for the girls, we nibbled on goddies off  Holly Ribbons and Christmas Rose.

The day after Thanksgiving, I always get out my Spode “Winter’s Eve” pattern and use until the end of March!  This less formal pattern works perfectly in Chestnut Cottage’s blue and white kitchen and goes conveniently in both the dishwasher and the microwave.  On a very busy holiday schedule, this is very  important for casual meals.

Winter’s Eve’s  border of holly , ivy and mistletoe  and snowy scenes keep me in a spirit of the holiday long after Christmas. 

If Chestnut Cottage was blessed with just a bit more china storage, I would add these other of my favorite holiday patterns.

Tiffany Garland by Tiffany…

Royal Copenhagen’s “Star Fluted Christmas”…

And Royal Crown Derby’s Old Imari Holiday…

And for an exquistly formal table, a mix of  evergreens and velvety red roses  laid with a table of Royal Crown Derby’s  “Gold Aves”  would be the ultimate holiday gift for guests!

And I never tire of the tradition of my mother’s holiday pattern “Christmas Tree” by Spode…

If you don’t have a holiday pattern,  find one that suits your lifestyle,  your entertaining style, and one that makes your look forward all year long to holiday entertaining!

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6 Responses to Kathy’s Favorite Christmas China Patterns

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I realize that you posted your charming entry on holiday china ages ago, that being said, it is a delight to read your thoughts on china and enjoy the images of your beautiful table. In particular, you mix china so well. I too love Holly Ribbons best of all. It is my mother’s pattern and I never tire of its classicism. However, I was shocked to see that you did not include Bernardaud’s Grenadiers among your favorites. I think it would mix perfectly with the Royal Doulton Tartan for a playful albeit touch masculine holiday table.

  2. Sheila Knopke says:

    Where can I purchase Royal Doulton’s “Tartan?”

  3. Craig says:

    Do you have cup and saucers in the Winter’s Eve pattern? I have seen saucers one time but have never seen a cup.

  4. Kathryn says:

    I only have mugs, sorry!

  5. Anne says:

    Dear Kathy, I noticed that my Winter’s Eve collection has 2 distinct tones. The darker tone (of the same pattern) has the decoration all the way to the very edge of the plate, the lighter toned plate has a small unprinted white edge around the outside rim….DO you have any information on this difference? They both clearly say “Spode:” on the back and Winter’s Eve. The darker says “2003” and has a smooth edge. The lighter says “Made in England” and has a scalloped edge. Is one set more valuable (authentic?) than the other?

  6. Kathryn Greeley says:

    I am familiar with this difference. I have read in several publications that some of the Spode patterns made after 2006 were made in China or Malaysia, especially the Christmas Tree pattern. The quality of color and porcelain are noticeably different. This could also be the issue with your Winter’s Eve. I have checked all of mine since your question and mine all says Made in England. I believe that if any of your pieces were not made in England they would say made in China or perhaps say nothing as to where they are made. It could be that for some reason, at some time that Spode slightly changed the pattern. I would recommend that you contact Replacements and ask them. They are truly the expert on china in my opinion. You can find their toll free number on their web site. Wish I could be more helpful!

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