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Asheville interior designer features game china patterns

When I say game china, I am not referring to china designed for the Packers, the Steelers, the Bears, or the Jets!!  No indeed, I am referring to china patterns depicting wild game.  Not that “game china” for these 2011 playoff teams would be a bad idea.  Perhaps I will add that to my “to do list”!  But I have momentarily regressed, maybe it is the influence of my football playing, watching husband.

Back to the wild game china patterns…Winter always seems to put us in the frame of mind of hearty meal dining.  And game is a wonderful and hearty entrée to any menu.  I have confessed on many occasions that I am an incurable collector and I confess…I have a collection of game china. It all started when someone I know needed to sell her china pattern by Czechoslovakian manufacturer, Bernadotte.

north carolina interior designer features Bernodette china pattern

This lovely game china depicts animals such as fox, boar, and stag in their natural setting.  This white pattern maintains a delicate look with a beautifully embossed rim trimmed in gold.  On and off the table it is a great pattern to mix with solid white patterns, along with other game patterns.

Asheville interior designer features rustic interior design game china patterns

Asheville interior designer features rustic interior design game china patterns

Perhaps a bowl of hearty mushroom soup on a cold winters night!

north carolina interior designer features elegant entertaining meal

north carolina interior designer features elegant entertaining meal

Game china can give a tabletop a formal feel or a very casual look.  Johnson Brothers “Game Birds” pattern, manufactured between 1953-1976, features hunted birds like pheasant, ruffed grouse, quail woodcock,  and partridge.  The large scale of the birds on this pattern dominates each piece and has a simple rounded edge and white background.

Spode has a very large array of game in their pattern “Woodlands”.  This pattern also depicts fish, which is certainly nice to mix with the various game patterns. Woodlands was first manufactured in 1991 and is still in production today. Each illustration is surrounded by a brown floral design reminiscent of those popular in early nineteenth century England.

Another lovely game pattern is  “Game Birds Green” by Masons, its monochromatic green pallet  mixes well with almost any china.

These are but a few game china patterns for tabletop entertaining. Mixed with some of your existing china, game china can be very “sporting”.  But not as in football!!!!!!!!!!!

For a delicious winter entrée on game china, try this recipe for Roasted Pheasants that I first had several years ago at the “21 Club” in New York City and later found in Bon Appetit.

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  1. Julia Molloy says:

    What a wonderful blog post. Most enjoyable indeed! What beautiful china. I had no idea there was such variety in game china. Thanks for the terrific recipe!

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