Kathy’s Top Ten List for Dining Tables


 Asheville North Carolina interior designer features her top ten dining tables

In my thirty plus years as an interior designer, I have designed dining rooms with a wide variety of dining table styles. From traditional to refined rustic, to transitional-so many fabulous choices in the marketplace!  Often I use antique dining tables, however,  for today I will give you my top ten picks for new tables—not an easy task I might add!  These top ten are not in any order of preference because in my design work , I am called upon to design in many different styles that  meet each client’s lifestyle and personal taste.  Each time I place one of these tables in a client’s home, I know that it is not simply a table, but a place where many memories and traditions will be established.

A few years ago, I was very lucky to discover the exquisite work of First Circle in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  And after using several of their tables on projects, I have become a huge fan! Three of their tables have made my Top Ten.

 This classically styled table is based on an antique table in their collection. The beautiful hand scraping certainly sets this table apart from other reproductions. I have used this on a design project and with the help of First Circle, designed a custom inlaid band.  The table can come with or without leaves.  I love all of the design flexability and expertise at First Circle!

In designing both breakfast rooms and dining rooms, it is often difficult to find just the correct scale. A favorite for a breakfast room or even behind a small sofa is Wright Table Company’s   modified French Wine Tasting Table.

This is so very practical for an apartment, small cottage , or even in a master bedroom , for enjoying a quiet breakfast. And of course it is a perfect wine tasting table for your cellar!

In our “refined rustic” work at Noland Interiors Inc , one of our favorite rustic dining tables in made by La Lune , the organic feel of the center pedestal is nice as a center table in a large entry, or for dining both inside or on a rustic style outdoor dining area.

I love square dining tables , and one of my favorites is Hickory Chair’s  Southfield Dining Table.  It’s simple pedestal base allows it to work with a variety of interiors.

Dessin Fournir’s Villandry’s exquisite turnings make it a great design choice for an oval that will mix with many antique styles and is very at home in many architectural styles. This table , which is made in walnut, will go from 72 inches to 96 inches with its one 24 inch drop-in leaf.

Hickory Chair’s custom table program gives designers an endless number of  finishes and sizes.  My love for round tables and how they encourage intimate conversation, makes the Collier Dining Table a favorite.  The standard size of this table is 48 inches, but can be custom sized.  The classic quatrefoil stretcher design and the table’s graceful serpentine legs translate beautifully in both painted finishes, as well as Hickory Chair’s wide variety of stain finishes.

A similar style that is a bit more transitional is MacRae’s  Ruskin Dining Table. It is 60 inches but custom sizes are also available. This beautifully finished table is available in cherry, mahogany, walnut or ebony.

Our conference room at Noland Interiors proudly holds First Circle’s X Base Table!  This design certainly works on our transitional and even contemporary design projects and I wanted it for our office to show its design flexibility.  We love the length and wide stance (102 long and 30 wide!) for presenting lots of design concepts and it is perfect in a generously scaled dining room.

And in a recent transitional design project on the Carolina coast, we selected  two of First Circle’s Stenton Dining Tables.  Our client wanted to seat 16 in the dining area of her beach home and wanted a very elegant, but casual tables.  Stenton with its plank top and turned pedestal base crafted from antique oak timbers and heavily scraped top has proven perfect for her busy entertaining schedule. Check it  out our transitional portfolio at Noland Interiors.

If you are seeing a pattern here, yes, I confess that I am partial to round tables.  With my passion for entertaining, I just love what a round table does for conversation and the tablescape, it can be anything your heart desires!  But I do love squares, ovals, and rectangular shaped dining tables. It  simply depends on the space .

For a table with a contemporary and graceful spirit, Amy Howard’s Capri Dining Table will mix beautifully in almost any room.  In a black finish with a touch of gold edging, this is absolutely a “timeless” table!

So these are my Top Ten in dining tables. Always remember that finish can turn a transitional table into a very traditional or rustic table, and a very contemporary table into a softer transitional table.  These wonderful manufacturers offer so many finishes and sizes, the design options are endless.  Let me know what your top ten picks are.  And later, I will showcase some of my favorite antiques tables.


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