Desert “Palette” or Desert “Palate”





Webster defines palette as a particular range, quality, or use of color; a painter’s palette.

I spent last week in Scottsdale, AZ with my husband who had a meeting there.  As a designer, it is always enjoyable to see different architecture, landscape, lifestyle, and culinary trends.  On this trip, I was particularly interested in design and culinary trends.  We stayed at the Four Seasons-Scottsdale  , which was a lovely, indigenous, example of interior design and architecture.  It is serenity at its best on the Sonora desert.

The desert “palette” at the Four Seasons is certainly inspired by the desert landscape-the pink, rose, terra cotta  and plum of the dramatic sunsets; the pink, yellow , red, and blues of the desert wildflowers; the greens of the desert cactus and trees; the chocolate of the earth; and the light tan and putty of the stucco and sand; and blues of the desert sky.

The  color  range of this dynamic desert flowering cactus could provide a palette for the entire resort with its deep copper, rose, red, yellow, and blue tones.

I love the perfect scale of the rug’s pattern and its relationship to the pattern of the back sofa cushions. Not only the patterns, but also the variety of textures , such as leather, linen, chenille, stone, and rustic wood  give this seating area a casual, yet sophisticated design.

A mix of traditional styles with contemporary and the combination of soft with vibrant tones provide warmth to a large seating area by a large fireplace.

Several seating areas are designed into the focal point of the room, a large square banquette  with subtle tan colored leather with splashes of color which is crowned with an incredible wood sculpture.  With  a backdrop of dramatic sunsets, this is a perfect spot to enjoy cocktails, before going to dinner at Talavera.

The desert pallet continues as you enter your own casita with soft neutrals, and accents of red and aqua. Each casita is a  very well designed, spacious place to call home and enjoy unbelievable view of the mountains.

The design of the Four Seasons Scottsdale is a feast for the eyes and the senses, much like the beautiful Sonora desert!

Stay tuned for A Desert “Palate”!!


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