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Now that everyone is writing lovely handwritten thank you notes, let’s consider some great little luxurious gifts to present your hostess upon arrival at either a small intimate dinner party or a large gathering.

I must say that I am not at all a fan of cut flowers for a hostess gift!  Your hostess will likely be busy attending to last minute details and finding a vase and getting the flowers situated can be stressful!  Instead, I recommend a potted flower, perhaps a seasonal variety such as tulips or a miniature  weeping pussy willow tree.  And as a North Carolina interior designer, I rarely see a home that a white orchid would not be perfectly suitable.  Recently, I found these great plastic gift bags that are perfect for a potted plant, or  something delicious from your own freezer.  (I often take a jar of my homemade freezer jam to a hostess, and these bags would be great for presenting such a little gift.

I really love sending a bouquet to the hostess a few days after the event as a special gift.  And after having been in the home, you will know just the perfect flowers to order.

And I am also not a very big fan of wine as a hostess gift either-it seems to desperately lack creativity.  Unless of course it is a special bottle of wine that you know your host/hostess would kill for…

And these are another of my top picks for pampering your hostess.

I personally adore journals of every kind and found some great new varieties at Origami Ink in Asheville last week.

This wine journal is perfect for host/hostess who are very interested in wine.

Many of my interior design clients in North Carolina are avid bird watchers and this “Birder’s journal would make a very nice gift for the “birding” host/hostess.

Wow, who wouldn’t love to receive this beautiful journal and pen!

While prowling around in Origami, I also found these colorful recipe card holders and recipe holders.

Why not take one of your favorite recipes , like a coffee cake, and the recipe on the holder or in the card holder to your hostess.

A jar of my homemade lime pickles, along with this little recipe book would also be unique.  I am certain that all of you have something homemade to take along with the book or the recipe holder!

My favorite shop for soap and candles is The Hazelwood Soap Company , where I get great lightly scented candles and a very fun and interesting variety of liquid soaps.  Very soon this beautiful entrepreneur/owner, Diana  Larson  will be providing gift bags for the Daytime Emmy Awards.  Congratulations Diana!!


I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t love beautiful picture frames. 

Recently my friend Lee Anderson , owner of Lee Anderson Coutour in New York send me these exquisite Mori soaps.  I visited the Mori website and think this is absolutely divine!  And the scents are so unique and wonderful!

Cute note cards that match the personality of your hostess are always a hit.

I try to keep a little stash of these antique mother of pearl serving pieces to ration out to deserving hostesses.  Often I tie one of the pickle fork to a jar of my pickles or a jam spoon to a jar of strawberry freezer jam.   I think it is a good idea to keep a variety of luxurious little gift on hand for the unexpected invitation.

I have always heard that we give gifts that we would love to receive , and I always love receiving the sea salt carmels  from one of my favorite chocolatiers,  The Chocolate Fetish in Asheville, N.C.

The best gift for you host/hostess is to always be a thoughtful guest…on time (I consider thirty minutes late!!) and gracious—even if the wine is horrible and the meat is cooked beyond recognition.

So when you are being  lavishly “wined and dined”…pamper your hostess who has made a great effort to entertain you  elegantly!


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  1. Polly says:

    Love everything you put on your blog…

  2. Wow! Our Sea Salt Caramels look extra delicious diplayed this way. Glad to know you are enjoying them.

  3. Linda Parris says:

    I really like this, ( I personally love anything TOILE! ) Some really great hostess gift ideas, from a really elegant lady!!

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