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China and Crystal

I suppose there is never a time that I do not want to return to Ireland, with its tapestry of green everywhere you look. This week, I spent a great deal of time in my friend Kristen Anderson’s tabletop shop, Quintessentials, in Raleigh, N.C. In thinking of the “Emerald Isle”, I pulled some great crystal and china in shades of green. Continue reading

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The first time I visited the Emerald Isle was to stay at my maternal grandfather’s home in County Downs, Northern Ireland. I instantly fell in love with both the isle itself and the roots I discovered as I explored the home of my ancestors! Continue reading

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Travel Journal from Chestnut Cottage

I strongly felt that I would feel much better turning 60 if I were in New York City. So my wonderful husband, Wells, and I are off to the city for a few days.

Staying at The Carlyle, which is one of my favorite hotels in New York, is a good consolation for turning sixty. I enjoy their lovely rooms, and I think Bemelmans Bar is divine with its great murals. Such a perfect place for a (or several) glasses of Veuve Clicquot!

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Spring Entertaining

Thankfully, I am beginning to see signs of spring at Chestnut Cottage. As one who loves to garden, this time of year is exciting and hopeful. Hopeful that we escape a late March snow and heavy frost in April and May. My perennials are beginning to show their beautiful faces.

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Houndstooth Motif in Home Furnishings

As I said in my last postings, there are houndstooth patterns everywhere, particularly in home furnishings! Houndstooth in every color of the rainbow-to sit on to stand on- even to eat on. The houndstooth motif translates well in a traditional or a contemporary setting. Continue reading

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