Spring Entertaining


Thankfully, I am beginning to see signs of spring at Chestnut Cottage.  As one who loves to garden, this time of year is exciting and hopeful.  Hopeful that we escape a late March snow and heavy frost in April and May.  My perennials are beginning to show their beautiful faces.

Like these delicate white snowdrops, with their incredible green markings.

And the hellabores that have bravely turned their heads toward the sun.

In the late afternoon when I am standing in my kitchen, the winter jasmine and the early jonquils are a lovely sea of yellow.

And each year just before my birthday, the daphne at my back door begins to bloom.  Daphne is a nymph in Greek mythology who was transformed into a laurel tree to escape the pursuing Apollo.  Daphne is so fragrant and such a pleasure to smell each time I come in my back door!

And  I am seeing tiny red shoots of my favorite of all flowers, the peony, cautiously  making their spring debut.

These signs of spring are reason to celebrate at Chestnut Cottage.  And we just celebrated my beautiful step-daughter, Jennifer Greeley Jacobson’s 30th birthday!  She is such a breath of fresh air, much like the tablesetting for her birthday dinner.  Yellow says spring to me and the jonquils and winter jasmine from my garden were the start of these flower arrangements.

One of my favorite china patterns is my monogrammed Gein  blue and white pattern-perfect for a family gathering!

The delicate flowers on Jennifer’s cake were so similar to the flower of the winter jasmine.  And very tasty indeed-almond cake, with butter cream filling and icing.  The cake is the handiwork of Callie’s  Confections in Asheville, North Carolina.

March always brings the hope of spring, but often plays a little trick on my garden like a Sunday morning snowfall on March 6th!

 However, March brings us one of my favorite celebration…Saint Patrick’s Day!  My maternal grandfather came to this country in early 1900’s,  and I feel very Irish-especially in March.

In honor of my Irish heritage, I am going to have a series of “Irish” posts and a great book give away.  So register now for one of my favorite books on Irish homes, Romantic Irish Homes, written by Robert O’Byrne.  Mr. O’Byrne is one of Ireland’s best-known writers on architecture and design and this book shows the unique character and personality found in Irish homes.

Register now and stay tuned.

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  1. Scribbler says:

    Thanks for friending on FB! I absolutely love your blog. The houndstooth reminds me of two wing chairs I had at least 35 years ago. The pink and green cottage is simply scrumptious.

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