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Age is only a state of mind.  At least that is what I am telling myself this week, as I turn the big 60 on March 10th !!  I suppose the only thing I miss is all of my very dark black hair…           


As opposed to this “ salt and pepper” look. One can’t remain “pepper” forever.           



 I strongly felt that I would feel much better turning 60 if I were in New York City.  So my wonderful husband, Wells, and I are off to the city for a few days.           

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 Staying at The Carlyle, which is one of my favorite hotels in New York, is a good consolation for turning sixty.  I enjoy  their lovely rooms, and I think Bemelmans Bar is divine with its great murals. Such a perfect place for a (or several) glasses of Veuve Clicquot!           

Photo Credit : Veuve Clicquot

Photo Credit: The Carlyle Hotel, New York City

Photo Credit: The Carlyle Hotel, New York City

And then off for some of my favorite things…         


See my friend Lee….       



Visit my favorite book store… Archivia Books      

Photo Credit: Archivia Books

And plans for what should be an interesting wine tasting  at Morrell Wines  , an old vintage Premier Crus.           

Photo Credit: Morrell & Company/The Morrell Wine Experience

And I am really looking forward  to classes at The Flower School –New York .  I recently learned about the flower school from Eileen Johnson, the schools director.  Eileen has written two great books,  The Art of Flower Arranging and Entertaining in the French Style.           

Photo Credit: Flower School NY

One of my favorite movies is Driving Miss Daisy and I just simply could not miss it on Broadway!           

Photo Credit: Driving Miss Daisy on Broadway

And since my husband is such a football fan, we will also see Lombardi.           

Photo Credit: Lombardi on Broadway

And by the time we have dined at  La Grenouille , I should really be enjoying 60!  La Grenouille opened in 1962, serving classic French cusine , and are known for their exquisite floral arrangements.           

Photo Credit: La Grenouille

And there will be other exciting diversions for a just turned 60 year old that remain to present themselves.            

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And even when I must leave New York, there is always something to look forward to the next week…Saint Patrick’s Day !           


Dont forget about my book Give-a-Way coming soon… A lucky subscriber will win this book.           

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Our last book Give-A-Way was won by  Jeanne Sevart of Springfield, Missouri!           

Photo Credit: Jeanne Sevart

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