Strathmore Ironstone

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m bringing an entire series of posts to the blog centered around the Strathmore Blue pattern from Mason’s Ironstone China.  I love this early twentieth century English pattern.  If you’re interested in collecting Stratmore Blue, here are a few pieces I found on Replacements, Ltd.’s website.

  Cookie Plate

Gravy Boat

Oval Serving Platter

Round Covered Vegetable Bowl

Sugar Bowl and Lid

Tureen with Lid, Ladle and Underplate

Now that you’re a bit more familiar with the pattern and the wonderful pieces in the collection, come back tomorrow for the start of a new blog series.  I’ll be pairing Strathmore Blue dinner plates with different table settings to show y’all how absolutely gorgeous and flexible this pattern can be!


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2 Responses to Strathmore Ironstone

  1. Mo Morris says:

    Searching for egg cups strathmore any clues? Nice web site.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Hi Mo,
    My first place to check would be Replacements. They have a great web site! Good luck,

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