Market Find: Theresienthal Barware


On a recent trip to the New York Tabletop Show, I discovered the wonderful barware of Theresienthal, a wonderful German company in business since 1836.  Here are a few of my favorites:

“The appeal of the double layered “cased” glasses is the interplay between light and their engraved surfaces. Though subtle, the engravings are rich in contrast against the background of the coloured glass. The engraved pattern cuts through the outer, coloured layer of glass and exposes the clear, inner layer. The series Feuilles consists of tumblers and two different sized bowls in six different colours, as well as a ruby coloured water-carafe.”



“Much like Feuilles the Glasgow tumblers and goblets are also made of 2 layers of cased glass. The star pattern cut into the bottom of the tumbler partially removes the outer coloured layer revealing the clear layer underneath. At the rim, the glasses are ornamented with a so called “Mintonborte”, which is applied by combining acid-etching and gilding techniques. Available in three sizes, six colours and in clear.”


“The tumblers of the series Josephine are also made using the casing technique referred to above. The designs of the tumblers which come in six different colours are inspired in the modern art movement of the later half of the 20th Century.”


“The design of this exceptional cased tumbler with lens-cut décor was inspired in an idea of Peter Kempe and is available in six different colours.”

Visit the Theresienthal webite and take a look at their entire gorgeous collection!


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