Proper Storage of Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is gleaming and beautiful until tarnish sets in.  Avoid frequent polishings by storing your sterling properly.  Here are my 4 suggestions:


Silver cloth wraps are tarnish-resistant and are very reasonably priced.


New, airtight silver chests.  Older silver chests are usually not airtight and the cloth has usually lost its tarnish resistance.


Zippered cases have the advantage of fitting into your dining room drawers.  They are not airtight but have tarnish-resistant interiors.


A custom silver chest or lined drawers are the most expensive option.  These can be made by a fine furniture maker or a cabinet maker.

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6 Responses to Proper Storage of Sterling Silver

  1. Nancy Miller says:

    I am interested in the silver chest on legs, which is item no. 4

  2. Kathryn says:

    We have can have these custom made by a company that does custom furniture for Kathryn Greeley Designs. If you are interested, we can certainly have him do a quote for us.

  3. Linda Kelley says:

    I am inquiring about the silver chest. What are the dimensions? And price?

  4. Kathryn says:

    This particular chest was custom made for a client in 2010. The person who made this chest is no longer custom making these pieces. Sorry!

  5. ROSALIE JONAS says:

    looking for a standing silverware chest with security lock. do you have? what is price? thanks.

  6. Kathryn says:

    Sorry Rosalie, I don’t sell these. I would check with a nice jewelry store. I know they have chests with locks, and I image they could get one on a stand.

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