Top 10 Gorham Buttercup Serving Pieces

"Kathryn Greeley"

Yesterday we took a look at my favorite flatware pattern, Buttercup by Gorham.  Today I wanted to show you some of my Top 10 serving pieces.

1. Sardine Serving Fork

2. Asparagus Server

3. Cheese Scoop

4. Mayonnaise Ladle

5. Strawberry Fork

6. Ice Cream Fork

7. Food Pusher

8. Infant Feeding Spoon

9. Small Chipped Beef Server

10. Tomato Server

These are just a few of the serving pieces manufactured in this patern.  These definitely remind us of an elegance that was present in days gone by.

You can find a lot of great vintage pieces on

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  1. Linda Parris says:

    Kathy, thanks for sharing this beautiful, elegant silver pattern. I can certainly see why it is your favorite. Those sure are some fancy serving pieces, and probably in a more genteel time, were used a lot. I enjoy seeing lovely, old things from the past. Linda

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