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As a continuation of my new blog categories, I’m delighted to debut a new feature section known as Blue and White Collections. I must say that I am drawn to this color combination frequently. There are so many beautiful antique and vintage patterns in this pairing and I know it is a favorite for many of you as well. I’ll be sharing finds in all shades of blue and white with you in this new category. Be inspired! 

In this first Blue and White Collection post, I’m happy to share a charming pattern from Spode known as “Winter’s Eve.”  When I talk with others about this pattern I often find they consider this to be a Christmas collection. However, it is truly a winter pattern and can be used everyday — especially during the cooler months — thanks to the snowy picturesque scenes that are depicted on the ware.

Every year, I start using “Winter’s Eve” just after Thanksgiving and continue to use it through March. It pairs beautifully with silver for a more formal look and blue glass for a casual dinner. Of course you can also mix it with other Spode patterns or other colors in the Winter’s Eve pattern including this red version available at Replacements, LTD.

If you have this pattern, I hope you’ll be inspired to share how you use it and what other collections you enjoy pairing with it.

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  1. Linda Parris says:

    Love ALL your blue and white posts!! Hope you are doing well, you seem to be very busy!

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