An Irish Christening Celebration!


I love a celebration, but it’s even more delightful when there are two occasions to celebrate. This past weekend, my husband Wells and I hosted a St. Patrick’s Day / Christening brunch for my sweet grandson Wells Patrick. As you may have noticed Wells is a family name and I’m sure you can see the resemblance between the two!

Since my grandfather was from Ireland, this holiday and Irish customs are very important to me. I was thrilled that the Christening of my grandson fell at the same time. It was almost as if we were bringing our family full circle!

To set the tone for the brunch, I invited guests to join us by sending out my new “Going Green” invitations from SanLori. Aren’t they marvelous?? The colors and scheme seemed to work perfectly for both St. Patrick’s Day and our Irish heritage.

Naturally, I wanted to carry this same Irish green theme on to the tabletops. Blue and green is one of my absolute favorite color combinations and you know that a collected look is a must for me! So, for one table I used my beloved Flow Blue collection and for the second I chose Napoleon’s Ivy, which as you can see has a beautiful ivy vine as its border.

For me, it seems that all roads truly lead to Ireland! I purchased the white placemats and napkins used on the Flow Blue table on one of my jaunts there! I also have great fondness for Waterford crystal, which is, of course, of Irish origin. Here I used Waterford glasses, as well as candlesticks to bring this tablescape together.

Perhaps one of my favorite Irish antiques are sterling silver “dish rings”.  These  pieces are referred to as potato rings, and I often use them as a “vase” for my floral centerpieces.  They are called potato rings because they held bowls or dishes of hot potatoes off the lovely mahogany tables, eliminating heat damage to the beautiful wood.

To transform them into “vases”, I put a small plastic container in the center and then arranged my flowers inside it. To complement the colors of the day, I used bells of Ireland, white and green roses, white spray roses and variegated pittosporum. Then I added white and green snow drops, white daffodils and white and green hellebores, all picked fresh from my garden here at Chestnut Cottage!

Each time I have the pleasure of hosting guests I try my best to make them feel special in some way. For this brunch, I placed a small vase of flowers next to each guests placecard as reminder that spring is here!

The guest of honor, Baby Wells, found a small lamb at his place. But that wasn’t all, I also gave him his own engraved sterling silver fork and spoon! Although he isn’t eating food yet, it’s never too early to get my grandchild started off with the finer things in life!

Of course, the highlight of a brunch is the menu! Here’s what I cooked up at Chestnut Cottage for this celebration!

You may remember I shared the Rosemary Scone recipe recently and I hope to share more of these recipes with you in the near future!

I also wanted to include a fun, fresh dessert. If you aren’t aware cupcakes are the hottest dessert out there right now! I put an Irish spin on mine by creating Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes with Bailey’s Frosting. Delish!

Special thanks to my new friend Erin, the owner of I found the charming St. Patrick’s Day wrappers on her site and she was kind enough to send me the solid ones to mix in with them. They were so precious, I almost hated to eat them!

Finally, before we began I wanted to commemorate the occasion with a special Irish blessing. I wrote this for baby Wells on his Christening and I hope that it will be special to him for years to come.

I hope you’ll join me for the next “Entertaining Tale.”

All the best,


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3 Responses to An Irish Christening Celebration!

  1. Franki Parde says:

    Oh, the “next best thing” to being there. So very personal and charming. You succeeded in every avenue. franki

  2. Just beautiful! You didn’t miss a thing.
    Happy Thursday.

  3. Hello Kathryn ! I jumped across to your blog as recommended by House of Turquoise ! Beautiful photos and I adore your green table setting. This has inspired me to pull out my Waterford (exactly the same design as yours) from the back of the cupboard and USE them ! Jennifer – – all the way from Australia

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