It’s Time to Celebrate…

The day of celebration is almost here! I hope you’ve enjoyed my ideas for entertaining and a traditional Irish recipe this week. If you still haven’t found the perfect set of tableware to use for your celebration, I have a few in mind. Earlier this week, I suggested using “Napoleon’s Ivy” for a green celebration. Since this is a retired pattern and may take years to acquire, I wanted to share some contemporary patterns that are equally delightful and perhaps more readily available.

1. Syracuse by Robert Haviland / 2. Gardner Street Green by Kate Spade / 3. Constance by Bernardaud / 4. Senteurs by J. Seignolles / 5. Sao Paulo by Poc A Poc / 6. Jardin Francais by Haviland

Want to see more of my favorite green china patterns? Visit my “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” board on Pinterest.



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