It’s Time to Celebrate…A Mother’s Day Floral Favorite!

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to believe that May is already in full swing. For me, the peonies in bloom signal Mother’s Day and remind me of all the wonderful moms and grandmothers in my life.


Perhaps one reason peonies are so special to me is because the ones that bloom in my garden at Chestnut Cottage are a bit of an “heirloom” originating from special women in my family in previous generations. We believe this old variety, which has a divine scent, was first planted in the 1930s by my step-father’s mother.

Not only did she cherish them, my mother and step-father cared for them and enjoyed them for a number of years. When my mother moved to a condo, I knew the peonies must come to Chestnut Cottage to live and be enjoyed by my family. So, I dug them up and transplanted them here at my home.

They are truly one of my favorites. In fact, as I was traveling for several book signings last week I got a call from husband, Wells. “You need to hurry home,” he said, “the peonies are blooming!” And boy was he right, they are simply beautiful and such a wonderful reminder of my mother’s garden. Plus, they make a gorgeous arrangement for a Mother’s Day fete!

Hope your Mother’s Day “week” is off to a lovely start!


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  1. Franki Parde says:

    I JUST cut peonies from my garden (it’s going to POUR rain!) and these, too, are from my grandparents farm in Nebraska (the farm is over 150 years old ) that my mom transplanted and then I transplanted. Unfortunately, Virginia clay isn’t like Nebraska loam…the fragrance, though, is “home.” franki

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