“What’s in Your Collection?” with Chrissi Shields

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I hope you have enjoyed this series-
I just find it fascinating how many different things people collect and the amazing stories behind them.  It’s like we are getting a behind-the-scenes pass to people’s lives. That is why I do love to design people’s homes around their collections, it just means so much to the home owners.  Today, I would like to welcome Chrissi Shields to the blog!

Hi, I am Chrissi Shields Decorator and Owner of Chrissi Shields Interiors.  I live in Paradise Texas, where my passion for design has led me to my new business, and drives me to create beautiful, functional spaces. I share my travels and love for all things beautiful  on my blog Styled Chaos-Inspiration for a Crazy Beautiful Life…My life is crazy and beautiful and I am so glad to share a piece of my journey here with you today.


 KG: So Chrissi, your collection is matchbooks. Why are you passionate about these pieces? What really spoke to you about them?

CS: It all started when I came across a collection while shopping a local antique shop with my mom.  I love finding pieces that have character and feel well traveled- I felt as if the matches had a story behind them, as if I had a piece of someone else’s memories.

KG: Where and how do you use your collection?

CS: My collection is currently on my bar cart, for use and display


KG: What are your favorite sources for finding these pieces?

CS: I love to find vintage pieces, but my most favorite place to find matches is while traveling. I love to go through them to look back on where I have made great memories of my own.

KG: What’s your favorite piece?

CS: It changes often, but I would have to say right now it is my matchbox from BLT steak from my most recent trip to Florida. We were evacuated from the Keys to Miami to avoid hurricane Isaac.  In Miami we were quarantined for 2 days in The Betsy Hotel and enjoyed every meal from BLT Steak.  It was a crazy vacation where my family and I spent great quality time together.

KG: What is your advice for someone who may want to start a similar collection?

CS: Pick them up everywhere you go, and do not hesitate to ask if the restaurant/hotel carries branded matchbooks. Collect them on your travels, and encourage your family and friends to bring you home a little piece of their vaca !

Great idea.  Thank you so much for sharing your collection with us today!  I would love to hear what’s in YOUR collection! Have a wonderful weekend.




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3 Responses to “What’s in Your Collection?” with Chrissi Shields

  1. Franki Parde says:

    Not only does she collect…design…that blouse…that pillow…!!! franki

  2. Kathryn says:

    I do have fabulous guests bloggers, don’t I?!

  3. Thanks Franki!!! And Kathryn for having me!!

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