“What’s in Your Collection?” with Guest blogger: Traci Zeller


Today, please help me welcome my special guest, Traci Zeller.

Named by Charlotte Style magazine as one of Charlotte’s 25 Most Stylish People in 2010, Traci Zeller is best known for her clean, sophisticated mix of classic and modern pieces.  As a busy wife and mother to active twin boys, she creates chic, comfortable interiors that nurture families.  Traci and her work have been featured in Charlotte Urban Home, QC Exclusive, The Nest, The Bump, and Multiplicity.  She was the top Style Spotter at High Point Market in Spring 2012 and frequently speaks on the use of social media.  Traci also authors a blog, in which she shares her stylish favorites with approximately 40,000 readers per month.

Kathryn: Traci, when did you first start your Collection?

Traci: I have been collecting art since I was in school.  A close friend was passionate about outsider art, and it introduced me to a way to buy original pieces that fit within my budget.  Much better than framed posters, right?!?

Kathryn: Where and how do you use your collection (i.e. for display, only on holidays, for dining, etc)

Traci: My art collection is on display all over my house, and it really “makes” my interiors.   As a mom of twin boys, art is a fantastic way to add sophistication to a space in a child-friendly way.  I’m constantly finding a new place to hang or display another piece.  I suppose at some point I’ll have to rotate my pieces but that hasn’t happened yet.  Actually, I’m planning to branch into sculpture so that it solves the wall space problem!

Kathryn: What are your favorite sources for finding these pieces?

Traci:  Finding an art gallery that you like is absolutely amazing.   If you and the curator share an aesthetic, you are sure to find something you love every time you walk through the doors.  I also love to browse new galleries on vacation — it’s the perfect souvenir of a trip — and pick up pieces at silent auctions.  Often local artists will donate their work to a school or charity hosting a silent auction, and I’ve discovered some fantastic artists that way and picked up some great pieces.  It’s a win for me and a win for the charity.  But I’ve also been known to purchase art on eBay, so keep your eyes open everywhere!

Kathryn: What is your favorite piece?

Traci: This is like asking me to pick which twin is my favorite!  If I absolutely had to pick, I would choose “Feet First” by Judy Pfaff.  My husband and I purchased it for our foyer even before we had any dining or living room furniture … and it was worth it.

Kathryn: What is your advice for someone who may want to start a similar collection?

Traci: You’ll read all kinds of advice on building an art collection, but the one that I’ve heard over and over is to pick a genre.  What does your collection specialize in?   It’s easiest to build a cohesive collection — one that a museum may be interested in one day — if you focus primarily on, for example, living artists from the southeastern United States.  But I have completely and totally disregarded that advice, and it’s worked for me!   As much as I love my choices, I doubt that most of them will ever be “important” enough for a museum … so I consider it more important to love them while I own them.  I do tend to own mostly pieces from living artists in the southeastern United States, but that is by happenstance as much as anything else.  My only criteria for purchasing something is “do I love it”  —  and I mean really love it in a “can’t get it out of your mind, totally obsessed with it” way.

Here are a few more of Traci’s Collection.  Thank you so much Traci, for sharing your collection with us today.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful collection with us, Traci.

Stay tuned for more exciting collections shared on my blog this month!


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