“What’s in Your Collection?” with Scot Meacham Wood

Good Morning!  Today, I would love to introduce you to another Tartan lover, Scot Meacham Wood, author of the delighful blog, “The Adventures of TartanScot.”

Scot Meacham Wood, owner of his eponymous design firm based in San Francisco, finds absolute delight seeing his client’s homes and lives transformed over the course of each deign project.  “People alway seem to invite me into their lives right at that particular point of personal evolution.  So it is often about so much more than floor plans and custom furniture.  Interior design changes that way people live.”  After working with Ralph Lauren for 15 years, Scot opened his own design business in 2001 – and has since worked on residential and commercial projects of all sizes, both here in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as homes across the United States.  Runner.  Musician.  Anglophile.  Textile junkie.  Science fiction nerd. And interior designer,  Scot Meacham Wood.

Kathryn: When did you first start your collection?
SMW-Well, it all started in the early 1990‘s – with a simple pair of chocolate velvet men’s slippers from Ralph Lauren – with simple little fox heads and hunting horns on the toe – that I totally fell in love with the very first time I saw them.  And the second time I saw them.  And the third time I saw them.  Then, the fourth time – when I went to buy them, thy were gone.  Completely gone.  Out of stock.  And unavailable for special order.  And I can assure you – I was not pleased.

So let’s flash forward in our little story about 5 or 6 years – when I found another pair of brown velvet slippers from Stubbs & Wootton with a charming angler and bass on the toe.  And I totally fell in love.  And I totally ordered the very same day that I saw them.  And thus it began.

 More velvet.  More needlepoint.  Stubbs and Wooten. www.stubbsandwootton.com

 Crockett & Jones. Custom blackwatch tartan. Custom purple velvet with gold stag heads.



Kathryn: What can you tell us about their history?

SMW: The basic velvet slipper is often referred to as an “Albert Slipper,” an homage to the ever-stylish Prince Albert, husband of endless trend-setter Queen Victoria.  And the slipper has its roots in the gentlemanly attitude of the Victorian era.  Originally used as an evening slipper for around the house – the shoes have now thrown off that restriction and are worn as part of my daily wardrobe.  But, especially with black-tie and around the holidays.

Kathryn: What are your favorite sources for finding these pieces?

SMW: Stubbs & Wootton in New York.  Ralph Lauren.  Crockett & Jones in London.

Kathryn: Which are your favorites?

SMW: I had been collecting for a while when I discovered a little shop on Jermyn Street in London, Crockett & Jones, that would have slippers custom made for me.  They have amazing collection of colours in velvet – and blackwatch tartan!  So I got in the habit of ordering a pair each time I was in London for a visit – as a memento of my trip.  So a favourite pair are my blackwatch tartan ones with the “Prince of Wales” crest on the toe from an amazing Christmas holiday that I spent in London about 5 years ago.

I think this collection is so interesting and I want to thank Scot so much for sharing the inside of his closet with us today! Happy Collecting!


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6 Responses to “What’s in Your Collection?” with Scot Meacham Wood

  1. Franki Parde says:

    Oh, yes!!! franki

  2. Tracy says:

    I found a pair of navy velvet Stubbs and Wootton at a thrift store for $9 and I have been a fan ever since. They have Chinese blue and white ginger jars on them and they are SO comfortable. I love your post and I am enamored with Scott’s fine footwear collection! Cheers.

  3. Karen T. says:

    What a great collection! And, I also love Scot’s wonderful blog.

  4. Kathryn says:

    Isn’t he just great! And those shoes…I adore!!

  5. Kathryn says:

    Oh…blue and white…sounds like I would love them too!!

  6. AMAZING collection. Great post.

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