“Friday Favorite Finds”: Glassybaby’s, Baby!

A ‘Glassybaby’ is essentially a colored glass cup, candle-holder, vase or anything you want it to be! But the light of a candle streaming through a Glassybaby is special. These small glass structures evoke endless emotions. It can bring warmth to a cool Winter night with friends or liven up a colorful Spring tabletop! The possibilities are endless…


Perfect for small Christmas Gifts!


Perfect for any Tabletop design!


Or perfect for a beautiful floral arrangement!

Something we at Kathryn Greeley Designs appreciate about this company is their goodwill effort. ‘Creating memories, gifting and receiving, lighting and sharing, our community is strengthened and supported by glassybaby giving.’ For further information on these delightful little pieces, please visit their website www.glassybaby.com!

Happy Friday, dear readers!


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2 Responses to “Friday Favorite Finds”: Glassybaby’s, Baby!

  1. I’m sure you noticed them on the tables at the Masins Tabletop Event in Seattle the first week of September. They are made in Seattle. I would like this company to venture out into other glassware products. The colors they use are wonderful.

  2. Kathryn says:

    I agree! I think they are my new favorite company.

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