“The Collected Library”: Country Life Magazine- Quintessentially British!

north carolina interior designer kathryn greeley uses country life magazine to inspire others to read this wonderful publication

In my humble opinion, no “Collected Library” could possibly be complete without a collection to the quintessential British publication, Country Life.

kathryn greeley north carolina interior designer an author presents country life magazine and the collected library

This lovely weekly publication shows magnificent country property across the United Kingdom, as well as gardens that will truly make you “green with envy”! You will find many tips for your own garden in addition to all the inspiration.  This publication just makes you want to brew a perfect cup of tea, curl up by the fire and enjoy issues effecting the countryside, arts, antiques and field sports.  One of my favorite sections is the cartoons by Annie Tempest called Tottering-By-Gentley.  These delightful drawings chronicle life at Tottering Hall, the grand stately house that she draws so perfectly for Country Life.  I will come back to Tottering Hall in a future post! (More treasures for your “Collected Library”!!!)

It is such wonderful anticipation to watch the post for your latest copy of Country.  And now it is even available on your ipad! To learn more about this delightful magazine, visit their website HERE.


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