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“Designer Notebook”: New Farrow & Ball Paint Colours!

One of my very favorite paint resources is Farrow and Ball!  Farrow and Ball paints were   born  and bred in Dorset, England. This company has resided there since John Farrow, and fellow paint pioneer Richard Ball first founded the company.  … Continue reading

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“The Collected Library”: Fall Reading!

I just finished a great read, PARIS : The Novel,  by Edward Rutherfurd. Rutherfurd is one of my favorite British authors, and being very interested in history, I find his historical novels most delightful!  I must warn  you that often … Continue reading

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“Inspiring Images”: Fall Picnics!

Be inspired to get out in this glorious fall weather and take a little time for a lovely autumn picnic!

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“In the Garden with Kathryn”: Dahlias!

Another end of summer season, early fall delight for me are dahlias!  My love for dahlias comes from my Grandmother Crisp’s dahlia garden (the caramel cake grandmother!).  Her dahlias bordered her vegetable garden and I vividly remember her colorful dahlias. … Continue reading

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Specialties of the House: Heirloom Tomatoes!

Late summer and early fall always bring a bounty of heirloom tomatoes to Chestnut Cottage.  Not from my garden of course (as I only grow flowers!), but from the local farmers market. Heirlooms are so-called because their seed have been … Continue reading

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