Peony Power!!

Oh dear, it is late February and my peonies are pushing their tiny  red stems up out of the ground.  As I said last week, I am SO worried for my plants! But with the tiny red shoots appearing, my thoughts turn to peonies!  Beautiful, lush, fat, pink peonies!

Interior Designer uses pink peony motif

Today my peony thoughts turn to a lovely bedroom I designed in Waynesville for my “Study in Pink”  client.  The client wanted an English chintz pattern with pink peonies.  After much searching and a “come to Jesus meeting ” with Lee Jofa (they were about to discontinue the perfect fabric I found), we began work in this sunny guest bedroom.

Waynesville Interior Design Guest Bedroom

Notice the symmetrical alignment of the framed botanicals!


North Carolina Interior Designer pink bedroom

A lovely collection of antique porcelain fills the pine bookcases.

With a palette of pinks, greens, and white, this bedroom fits perfectly  into this little cottage that I call “A Study in Pink”.  I even have a chapter about this cottage in my book, The Collected Tabletop, called of course a Study in Pink! The pink and green palette weaves itself through the entire cottage…







  • Crisp green lattice carpet…which certainly speaks of spring!
  • Crisp white (washable) bed linens with beautiful monograms.  (I do love a beautiful monogram!)
  • Vintage and antique pieces, in a combination of paint and stain.
  • A mellow pine piece to hold a lovely collection.
  • Framed botanicals that are additional  “flower power”.
  • Only one print other than the peony chintz, which is the small print on the chair.think pink flowers with north carolina interior designer kathryn greeleyxo Kathryn
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3 Responses to Peony Power!!

  1. Kelley says:


    How dreamily cheerful! I would never want to leave these spaces, especially because of the greens!

    My daughter’s wedding featured fluffy pink peonies… it was precious!

    Hope your beauties are safe!


    P.S. I’m with Mother in Missouri. She had a right nephrectomy last Friday. Following recovery, she’ll have a right mastectomy. She’s as chipper as a lark and as calm as a lily of the field. What an inspiration she is to me. xxx

  2. Kathryn Greeley says:

    I have been saying prayers for both you and your mom! Glad to hear of her wonderful attitude! I really believe that does make a great difference.

  3. Winslet says:

    The collection of flowers is great and interior is looking so awesome. The design details provided by you is so inspiring that I will be using it in my house.

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