We all know that Christmas brings us so many miracles.  And one miracle is that I am doing a holiday blog, after being absent from The Collected Room for so many months!  So many of you have emailed me to see if anything is wrong and I am humbled and happy to report that all is well!  I had my total knee replacement in late summer and have had a wonderful outcome.  We have had a very busy year at Kathryn Greeley Designs and I have traveled frequently to several out of town projects.  One particularly wonderful project is in northern Michigan for a special blog reader, Emily Phillips and her husband Terry.  I have thought so  often of doing a blog post, but never seem to fit that in a very busy schedule.

Thanksgiving was busy, with my normal 26-28 to feed!  This year was no exception, and was fun, but tiring!


Now for the seven live trees to put up and decorate…!

And mantels to do…


And the annual Christmas card to paint and get in the mail…!

Last weekend, we had a few friends over for a cozy Soup and Cornbread party.


My menus for the soup and cornbread dinner was comfort food!

Most of these recipes you can find on the blog if you use the search bar!

And gifts to buy and wrap…!    

Often, in the hustle and bustle of the season, we lose sight of the meaning of the gifts we give and receive.  A few days ago, my friend Mickie Norman gave me one of the most meaningful gifts I have ever received.  When my Mother passed away, I gave this friend several of my Mother’s jackets, as they both wore petites.


My friend had her aunt Patsy Hoglen, who has suffered greatly in the past few months from melanoma surgeries, make one of Mother’s jackets into a bear for my Christmas gift.  This bear is incredible…

As you can imagine, I have cried many tears over this gift that means so very much to me.  This thoughtfulness is a lesson in gift giving for everyone!


As this busy season comes to a close, I wish you and each of your families a safe, peaceful, and joyous Christmas.  And I hope the new year brings you joy and abundance and good health.  And hopefully some blog posts from The Collected Room!!

north carolina interior designer kathryn crisp greeley wishes you a merry Christmas from chestnut cottage

On the Road with Kathryn to high point north carolina furniture market

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  1. Mrs. Kelley Dibble says:

    LOVE X 18! Dear Kathryn,

    What a pleasure to hear from you and see all the lovely images. But the bear………….. What a gem! He’ll be enjoyed for many, many years to come, won’t he? My. What a thoughtful gift.

    Merry Christmas from St. Louis where we arrived last week from Guam. We helped our older daughter and her husband put the finishing touches on the nursery as we all await their first child, our first grandchild. Eloise Genevieve, named after her daddy’s grandmother and her mommy’s great-grandmother, is due Friday, December 22. Our younger daughter and her husband arrive from Ohio tomorrow, and we’re elated to spend the holidays as a family.

    I was so glad to read that your knee replacement went well and that you’re up and about, adding beauty to everything you touch.

    A very happy New Year to you and Wells and little Duncan McD!


  2. Gail Craine says:

    Loved the blog Kathy and the chance to see your beautiful Christmas trees. The Pendleton Bear is precious- what a fabulous keepsake. Merry Christmas!

  3. franki says:

    Oh, my…I just had chills…that plaid bear is absolutely…divine!! Your home is just wonderful…as usual!! Happy Christmas & New Year! franki

  4. Kathryn Greeley says:

    The bear is such a meaningful gift Franki! I loved your card, with the splendid car! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  5. Kathryn Greeley says:

    Thanks Gail! It was so nice to be with you and Steve on Wednesday evening. We must do this more often. Hope your Christmas is wonderful with your family!
    XO Kathy

  6. Kathryn Greeley says:

    I was so in hopes to hear from you Kelley! I think of you often and was so worried about you during North Korea’s threat to Guam! The bear is indeed incredible and so meaningful! I know you must be so excited to be with your family in St. Louis and what a wonderful gift to have a new baby girl! I love the name Eloise and send my best wishes to you and all of your family for a safe and joyous arrival of Eloise!
    Merry Christmas Kelley!!

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