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Waynesville, NC interior designer Kathy Greeley

30 years ago with a bachelor and master’s degrees in interior design in hand and near to no experience, but lots of spirit, I founded  Noland Interiors, Inc.  And after three decades in my interior design business, I can honestly say that I feel as passionate (actually more passionate!) than I did those long years ago.  I have been very blessed with so many wonderful clients, a talented staff, numerous inspiring manufactures, as well as inspired and talented workrooms and craftsmen.  How could one not be passionate surrounded by so much talent!

Yet before Noland Interiors was born, there was a true and hopeless collector, living in the soul of Kathy Greeley.  I have well earned the title, “Chinaholic” according to my friends.  Yes, my name is Kathy Greeley and I am a Chinaholic. (I prefer the term “connoisseur”.)  The fact remains; I have spent my life collecting and learning all I could about china and tableware.

I reflect back on how it all started.  I believe it all began about age 5. I was fascinated with my grandmother’s set of ‘blue willow’ dishes.   Growing up, both of my grandmothers and my Mother had lovely and prized tabletop collections and were all great cooks.  I suppose all these factors continued to inspire this 5 year old collector-in-training.  Fast forward to about age 20 when I started collecting in earnest.  In college, I started roaming antique shops and bought my first piece of blue and white.  By then, my design philosophy of “collected, not decorated” had been born.  Today, this still drives my design business and my busy entertaining schedule.

I have so much to share with you about using antique and vintage articles for your entertaining.  From antique furnishings and fine bone china, to less formal ironstone, pottery, art glass, fine stemware, and silver, there is something lovely to collect and use for every event. When you know how to use them, these collections combined with principals of design and grace, make for very elegant entertaining.

I am so glad you have joined me. Please enjoy as I share with you what I’ve learned over the years about elegant and gracious entertaining and using your collections to bring delight to your family and guests, not to mention making your events the talk of the town!

3 Responses to Designer Kathy Greeley

  1. Jane Clinedinst says:

    Hope to see you in Chapel Hill on December 10!

  2. Ann Amisano says:

    I have several pieces of Mason’s ironstone I would like to sell. The bottom of the pieces say “Croysdale” and they are patened numbered. After checking the computer the pattern is similar to or could be “Alberta”. I have 4 soup bowls, 2 cups and 1 salad plate. Are you interested in purchasing them?
    Thanks, Ann in Florida

  3. Kathryn Greeley says:

    Sadly Ann, I have about all of the ironstone that I can possibly store! But thank you so much for offering them to me.

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